Nursing Center

We know that your highest priority is selecting the right care for you/your loved one. We encourage an ongoing dialogue between physicians, patients, our staff, and the patient's families to ensure health care goals are being met. At Spanish Meadows, we take pride in knowing that our employees are committed to the work we do. We believe this is evident by the number of years that they have been at Spanish Meadows.

Our office is located next to Business Office and you can reach us Mon-Fri from 8am till 5pm. Care Plan meetings are scheduled every 90 days on Thursdays, but you can request a meeting at any other time- please contact us for appointment.

Our Administrative Nursing Team is comprised of:

    Director of Nursing
    Joe Carrillo, RN

    Assistant DON
    Myrna Lopez, LVN   -   Priscilla Tamez, LVN

    Administrative Nursing
    Luciano Perales, LVN   -    Rebecca Aguilar, RN   -    Dora Zamarripa, LVN



Not Sure About Something? Ask.
Everyone involved with your care wants you to understand your illness and to know why tests and procedures are ordered. So, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Be sure to let your doctors know if you feel confused or do not understand what they are telling you.