Although most patients receive well-balanced meals from a standard menu, based on their doctor and dietitian's recommendations, we are glad to accommodate a gourmet meal for a special event, provided your diet allows it. Please see dietary manager at least 24 hrs in advance.

  • Our Office is located inside the kitchen- please ask our Receptionist to contact our Dietary Manager.
  • Best Times to Reach us is Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm. You can also request an appointment if you prefer not to wait.
  • Our department will contact Patient or Responsible Party shortly after being admitted to Facility. During this visit, we will assess for patient food ALLERGIES, LIKES & DISLIKES.
  • MENUS are posted DAILY at Nurse’s Station & at Dining Room
  • Substitutions- Our patients always have a choice between a Scheduled Meal, a Substitute Meal, & a Sandwich, Salad, & Soup Meal
  • Guest meals are available at breakfast, lunch, and dinner and are served with patient trays. Guest meals may be purchased from the Receptionist
  • Patients are encouraged to check with their nurse before having food brought in from outside to ensure that it meets their diet and nutrition needs.
  • Patients are encouraged to dining room for meals but meals can be served either in dining room or in residents' rooms.

Dietary Services is Supervised by:
Licensed Dietitian - Lynette Margo
Dietary Manager - Adela Lozano

Meals are Regularly Served at the Following Times:
7:00am - Assisted Dining
7:10am - In-Room Assisted Dining
7:20am - Dining Room
7:30am - North & South Side Rm. Trays

12:00pm - Assisted Dining
12:10pm - In-Room Assisted Dining
12:20pm - Dining Room
12:30pm - North & South Side Rm. Trays

5:00pm - Assisted Dining
5:10pm - In-Room Assisted Dining
5:20pm - Dining Room
5:30pm - North & South Side Rm. Trays