The Activity Department at Spanish Meadows is comprised of staff, community, family, & volunteers. Our goal is to provide our patients / residents with opportunities for socialization and enjoyment while promoting dignity and self-esteem.

The following table outlines some of our most sought activities & the days of the week that they are regularly scheduled:


Monday Crafts / Outside Activities
Tuesday Religious Services & Sing Alongs / Chalupa
Wednesday Religious Services / Outings
Thursday BINGO
Friday Chalupa / Social Hour
Saturday Social Hour / Prayer Group
Sunday Outside Activity / Religious Services

  • An Activity Calendar is placed in each room so patients are aware of daily activities.
  • Our department will visit with each patient to complete an activity assessment
  • Our department will take a picture that will be used for identification purposes
  • Community & Family Volunteers are WELCOME - contact us for information. Families wishing to carry out a monthly activity are encouraged to contact us.
  • Mail is delivered daily to Resident's rooms Monday through Saturday after 12 pm.
  • Beauty Salon services are available Wednesday through Friday at posted charges. Appointments can be made directly with the beautician at (956) 542-4655.